Throwaway Children

Only a life that has been so challenging could be so full of reward and victory.

A child goes from a dysfunctional home with an alcholic father into foster care where horrific abuse was prevalent. Children were whipped with hoses, forced to exercise to the point of exhaustion and imprisoned in their rooms. Throwaway Children describes how this person escaped then struggled to overcome abuse, abandonment, almost freezing to death, motor vehicle accidents, bankruptcy, separation and many more trials to acheive freedom, victory and success.

You will be inspired, enlightened and entertained as you identify with his experiences. Each chapter is filled with humour and suspense. It will make you laugh and cry.

"God speaks so often in story form. He has done it again in this deeply touching book, Throwaway Children. You will find adventure, tragedy, laughter, and hope in these pages. And you will find a God who delights in redeeming and transforming broken lives."

- Phil Callaway, speaker and author of Laughing Matters